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Family Style Food Service In Child Care Facilities


 Definition: Family style food service

  1. Providers serving food at table to all children
  2. Children serving themselves at table from serving dishes with serving utensils
  3. Food prepared in kitchen in individual servings and children self-serving
For Certified Family Homes and Child Care Centers only, the following rules are required:
When serving Family Style meals, where food is brought to the table in larger quantities and served to the plates at the table, a center/certified family home must have a written plan approved by the local health
department, which must include at the least the following elements:
  1. All staff engaged in food service must have food handlers cards.
  2. All persons eating or serving food must wash their hands before and after eating.
  3. Food must not be allowed to stand at room temperature in either the kitchen or the dining area before serving.
  4. Hot food must be kept at 140 degrees F or hotter, or cold food must be held at 45 degrees F or colder until served to children (41 degrees F is recommended by the Child Care Division).
  5. All foods, dishes, and utensils must be kept covered until served.
  6. Provide separate serving portions for each table.
  7. Use serving utensils that are different from eating utensils.
  8. Make special arrangements for mildly ill children to prevent the spread of illness; such as, disposable plates, cups and utensils and/or separate eating area.
  9. Supervise the children so they don't share food.
  10. Supervise the children or have an adult serve the second helping.
  11. Food brought to the table and not eaten must be discarded.